The Book of Liz

David and Amy Sedaris get an appropriate SCTV treatment


Through Nov. 30

Tickets are $15-35


Shelton Theatre, 533 Sutter (between Mason and Powell), S.F.

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David and Amy Sedaris' amusing play about an Amish-like woman called Elizabeth gets an appropriate Second City TV treatment from the Unidentified Theatre Company. Elizabeth keeps her "Squeamish" village financially afloat with a special recipe for cheeseballs. But she can't stand the narrow provinciality of Squeamish life, and when the bearded men take her for granted one too many times, she sets out on her own. Liz lands a job, first, as Mr. Peanut, and then as a waitress in a phony tourist restaurant called "Plymouth Crocks," where most of the workers are recovering booze hounds. Her innocent encounters with the coarse modern world are funny; clumsy acting from the Unidentified cast keeps them from being uproarious. Exceptions include Thessaly Lerner's twittery Sister Constance Butterworth and crass Dr. Ginley, as well as Sam Shaw's swish, insufferable waiter Donny Polk. Danielle O'Hare is also constant and faithful (as she should be) to Liz's pious nature. Amy Sedaris is David's sister: She used to act and write for Second City, and this play comes off as a long-form SCTV skit.

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