Holy Shit

Rapper, actor, deity: the life and times of Tupac Shakur

America, in Tupac's eyes, was born from Thug Life. Having originated in the hearts of the disenfranchised, our nation owes itself to the miracle of common cause and struggle. Tupac's work was controversial because we as a society are so far removed from the reality of participating in a struggle. We have become complacent, satisfied with mediocrity, and Pac's words are a wake-up call, whereas Jesus' have become anesthetizing and in need of revision. Tupac had a message that he wanted everyone to hear: It doesn't matter who you are, you are going to die and that is the only thing for sure in life; there is no time to be a prisoner of doubt. So do what you do, player. That's the proverbial "good news" for the budding millennium.

What's most indicative of Tupac's status as messiah is the manner in which his followers have already molested and exploited his message. Exhibit A is the ignominious beef between today's two thugs of repute, Ja Rule and 50 Cent. The spectacle has become so dense at its core that Louis Farrakhan has even been pulled into its orbit. The MCs apparently realize the popularity of the Tupac image among both rich and poor, white and black, and seem to be vying for the privilege of wearing Tupac's signature bandanna so that they might, in effect, step into this image, thus assuming immeasurable power among the world's hip hop legions. If you remember that Mullah Omar assumed control of the Taliban and Afghanistan after parading around in Mohammed's "cloak," then you'll agree that this is some savvy trick.

Tupac saw everything that he had 
made and, indeed, it was very good.
Tupac saw everything that he had made and, indeed, it was very good.

Who knows what the victor would be capable of? Since both already have unprecedented wealth and lizzadies, one wonders what else they could possibly want. How about a religion of their own? Recall that Jesus himself had no intention of starting a religion, it was Paul who held that ambition. Tupac's tormented historical figure, his widely recognized idolum, and his gospel's never-ending reimaginings point to a similar and sad fate. Destined for misinterpretation and mythical exaggeration, Tupac will rule in heaven, while yet another poser will rule on Earth.

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