Letters to the Editor

Week of November 12, 2003

Schwarzenegger has charisma to burn. I suspect that many Democrats were secretly hoping for Davis' ouster simply because they disliked him. Whether they agree with Arnold or not, people will probably like him personally (shades of Ronald Reagan). Whether Arnold can be decisive and make tough and unpopular decisions that anger constituencies remains to be seen. He also seems like the pragmatic sort rather than the ideologues who control the GOP.

At the same time, Arnold is not about to turn California into a San Francisco social experiment. S.F. is a city with a bloated bureaucracy prone to overspending and inefficiency. Cronyism, featherbedding, and arrogance plague S.F. -- between the vice mayors and multiple commission heads who owe their jobs to Willie Brown, it's a wonder that anything works in S.F. Sacramento doesn't need more of that. Arnold may be a social liberal and not exactly Tom McClintock on fiscal issues, but he won't stand for the kind of inefficient overspending characteristic of S.F. He'll demand accountability and results.

In the end, for liberals like Migden, Arnold will be one part dream and one part nightmare.

Tom Ryugo

We're Not Bitter

We just fucking hate you for not recognizing us!: You guys are about nine years behind the times with the Devil Rock deal ["To Hell and Back," Night Crawler, Oct. 22]. The Demonics, the S.F. band that has been adorned in red makeup and devil horns for nine years, would like you to know that they noticed the blatant rip-off of their style.

Not that they own devil imagery, but red people with horns playing rock 'n' roll is all too familiar. The Demonics have released three full-length records independently, with no major-label money, no industry ass-kissing.

The Demonics are not pissed off, bitter, or whining about the blatant rip-off by their own city's "music awards" (to which the Demonics were not invited or nominated, of course!). But hey! Maybe next time steal from a band that isn't from the city; it's just too damn obvious and lame -- not to mention rude as all hell. So ...


Amy Cesari
Daly City

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