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Sloat Garden Center

2700 Sloat (near Great Highway), 566-4415

Browsing the outdoor aisles can give you serious garden envy. Long the green-thumbed's best friend in San Francisco, Sloat Garden Center hosts a spectacular array of exotic and everyday flowers and plants for indoor and outdoor cultivation. Whether one's garden is lush and voluminous or limited to a small box under the kitchen window, there's something wonderful for your favorite gardener here. Get him a selection of new tools, accessories, or seeds (or a gift certificate if you can't decide), or just brighten up the abodes of the plantless with a gorgeously delicate orchid.

Cannery Wine Cellars.
James Sanders
Cannery Wine Cellars.
Lark in the Morning.
James Sanders
Lark in the Morning.



808 Sutter (at Hyde), 614-9414

Not satisfied with the pickings at Foot Locker? Bored with the selection at Champs? If you are shopping for a true sneaker addict, then the coolest limited-edition and hard-to-find sneakers in the city are found at Huf, skater Keith Hufnagel's Tenderloin store. With offerings from Adidas, New Balance, Nike and Puma, Huf doesn't carry a ton of styles, but what they have is hip to the max. Also check out the new Huf clothing shop next store, featuring local labels' silk-screened T-shirts, Stussy goods, and fancy design books.

Union Square

Sur La Table

77 Maiden Lane (between Grant and Kearny; also at the Ferry Building), 732-7900

Among the unique and possibly indispensable cooking tools offered for purchase at Sur La Table are turkey lifters, zabaglione pans, brulée torches, rosette irons, shallot cellars, fishbone tweezers, sesame seed grinders, aebleskiver pans, frosting combs, raclette grills, pineapple slicers, pizzelle rollers, toast tongs, crepe spreaders, lava-rock molcajetes, and chocolate-tempering machines for making your own bonbons -- everything you need, in short, for preparing and serving any type of cuisine on the face of Earth. This split-level temple to the culinary arts also offers a panoramic selection of everyday items -- skillets, knives, linens, barware, dishes, bowls, and place settings of a uniform high quality -- as well as candies, preserves, mustards and marinades, and an extensive library of cookbooks.

Western Addition

Kabuki Hot Springs

1750 Geary (at Webster), 922-6000

A day at Kabuki is ideal for those who need a large amount of de-stressing; anxieties seem to melt away while you're in the sauna or baths or sipping delicate Japanese tea. Beginning at $50 to $75, respectively, the massages and facials are among the best values in town. But those with a bigger budget may opt to give one of Kabuki's signature packages, like the Japanese Lulur treatment ($110), which includes jasmine oil massage, rice exfoliation, a soothing yogurt wrap, and a fragrant rose bath.


Director's Series: The Works of Spike Jonze, Chris Cunningham, and Michel Gondry

Palm Pictures pays tribute to these true music-video pioneers with three Directors Series DVDs featuring the work of cutting-edge directors Jonze, Cunningham, and Gondry. Best known for his films Being John Malkovich and Adaptation, Jonze got his start making music videos such as The Pharcyde's "Drop," Weezer's "Buddy Holly," and Fatboy Slim's "Weapon of Choice," which features a dancing Christopher Walken. All of these are included on his DVD, along with unreleased short films and interviews. French experimental music video director Gondry's DVD shows many of his collaborations with Björk, such as "Human Behavior," plus his amazing videos for White Stripes and Daft Punk. Cunningham is best known for his borderline disturbing work with electronic artist Aphex Twin ("Come to Daddy") and Björk ("All Is Full of Love"); his DVD also features unreleased versions of his art films.

The Sopranos: The Complete Fourth Season

All is not well in gangland during the fourth season of this award-winning drama. Between trouble with the Jersey Esplanade project, a possible war with Carmine's New York crew, and the problems with Carmela at home, Tony Soprano has enough stress to bring on another panic attack. And he's not the only one. Drugs, death, and deception plague the Soprano crew in this season. Will Adriana realize her new best friend is an FBI agent? Will Junior beat his case? Will Paulie get out of jail? Will Janice cease to be a total bitch? Find out in the thrilling latest installment of the Soprano family saga.

Mr. Show: The Complete Third Seasonand David Cross: Let America Laugh

Collected from the 1997 season of the cult TV series, Mr. Show delivers two discs of sketch comedy at its finest. Join Bob and David as they visit "Druggachusetts" or go on strike for sex in "Hunger Strike." You will be totally terrified by "Return of the Curse of the Creature's Ghost" and undoubtedly offended by the "Hail Satan Network." The DVDs also feature audio commentary, Bob and David at the 1997 U.S. Comedy Arts Festival, and The Best of Mr. Show: "Fantastic Newness." Also out is David Cross' DVD, a collection of documentary footage from last year's U.S. tour that gives the viewer a behind-the-scenes look at America's favorite alt-comic.

The Adventures of Indiana Jones box set

Available for the first time on DVD and digitally remastered with excellent sound and picture quality are the world's rockin'-est archaeologists and their three big adventures: The Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Temple of Doom, and The Last Crusade. Produced by George Lucas and directed by Steven Spielberg, these three films secured Harrison Ford's place in action-movie history. With references to classic adventure films, we find the handsome professor battling Nazis, cult members, and snakes as he searches for archaeological treasures around the globe. With excellent supporting cast performances from Sean Connery, Kate Capshaw, River Phoenix, and Jonathan Rhys-Davies, these hit movies from the '80's more than stand the test of time.

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