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Week of December 10, 2003

Mark Theriault
Via Internet

Windy City

Vancouver-style high-rises may not be suitable for this gusty place:Nice Matt Smith piece about Rincon Hill and the Planning Department ["According to Plan," Nov. 26]. I worked for the Planning Department for about a decade (I left three years ago), and I think his characterizations are fair and accurate. I still have a lot of friends there with whom I communicate regularly.

I'm not certain residential high-rises in Rincon Hill will be as successful as in Vancouver, mainly because of the winds we experience here (not sure about Vancouver, and I haven't been there in about 15 years). As Smith may know, high-rises in S.F. can cause very unpleasant and sometimes even hazardous wind conditions at the street level that will make open spaces and plazas very uncomfortable for pedestrians. But that remains to be seen, once that environmental impact report is done (if there is ever a rezoning plan to study).

Thanks for the interesting read.

Diane Wong
Richmond District

Treachery! Villainy! Willie!

Just wanted your attention – this is really about Chris Daly:I find it interesting how Matt Smith rags endlessly on Mayor Brown and his appointees ["Lee Way," Nov. 5]. Everything they do is flogged as being "high crimes and misdemeanors."

Where we see unbelievable dishonesty and treachery, as executed by Supervisor Chris Daly and his Public Utilities Commission appointee, Adam Werbach, and then endorsed by Supervisor Matt Gonzalez – that is glossed over and accepted as somehow OK, because it produced a "better appointee" for the PUC.

If I steal from you, it's OK, if I do "good" with what I stole? That is what Daly, Werbach, and Gonzalez say, and what Matt Smith validates.


Jack Barry
Inner Sunset

P.S. Werbach wrote the script for all the manure they all executed. He called it "Act Now, Apologize Later."

P.P.S. Daly's caper will soon be canceled by the court. He was clearly acting beyond the limits of the powers that the mayor conferred on him by making him "mayor for a day." He knew it. They all knew it.

Giveaway at Hunters Point

But this one is no bargain for future homeowners: Mayor Willie Brown wants to fast track the Disposition and Development Agreement for Hunters Point Shipyard ["Arrested Development," by Lisa Davis, Nov. 19]. He should fast track his exit from the City and County of San Francisco.

Lennar Corp. will build homes on toxic land at Hunters Point. Sixteen hundred homes are planned in an environment that is toxic and next to an aging, toxin-spewing power plant. Willie is all about money and special interest, and Lennar is his partner in political crime. So is Supervisor Sophie Maxwell, who should be recalled.

Francisco Da Costa
Potrero Hill

Beer Buddy

Urp:Great article on Greg Miller of San Francisco Brewcraft ["King of Beer," Dog Bites, Nov. 12]. I've known Miller since his days in San Mateo and his shop down there. Your writer, M.J.F. Stewart, hit the true essence of Greg.


Mike Winslow
Via Internet


In "Words Into Type" (Books, Nov. 26), Karen Zuercher wrote that Jim Parkinson designed the first logo for Rolling Stone magazine. In fact, Parkinson redesigned a logo originally drawn by Rick Griffin. We regret the error.

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