2003: Year of the Wonka Record

For the year's 10 best records, go somewhere else. For the year's 10 best "Wonka Records," you've come to the right place.

TheSF Weekly Top One Top 10s Contest

I get dozens of CDs every day, and my office is always full of crates of music that I don't know what to do with. So how about I give one of those crates -- about three dozen albums -- to the person who sends me the best Top 10 Reasons to Be Thankful for Music list? (The winner, by the way, will have to come to the office, 'cause I ain't gonna schlep these things across town; if you prefer, I could just mail you, like, 10 or so.) That's win-win, right? I get cheered up, you get a bunch of shitty CDs. You could use them as coasters or Frisbees. Or, better yet, in the interest of spreading even more holiday cheer:

TheSF Weekly Top 10 Things a Person Can Do With a Crateful of Shitty CDs Contest

That's right, a second contest! And I'll give the winner here a crate, too! Hell, maybe you could even try to win both contests (it makes sense, since the winner of the latter should know what to do with two crates of CDs). And the best part is, this way I get to be cynical and giving at the same time. See, I'm not such an asshole after all.

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