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Week of December 24, 2003

Unclear on the Concept

Move away from the tit, sir: After reading and digesting the article regarding Antiwar.com ["Intrepid Antiwarriors of the Libertarian Right Stake Their Rightful Claim to Power," by Lessley Anderson, Dec. 10], I was just struck with one thought. In the piece the Bourne Institute is mentioned and also that they want to apply for grants. That is a strange idea for me to digest.

As a person who agrees with the majority of their views and an undedicated Ayn Rand fan myself, why would they be applying for grants? According to Rand's and their own supposed libertarian ideals, the Bourne Institute must figure a way to pay for itself, not suck off the government tit via grants.

Mike Burkett
Via Internet

Good Luck Dealing With This Mess, Gav

You'll need it:When I first confronted the press releases announcing Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi's procurement of hundreds of millions of dollars for the Central Subway, I was furious ["Subwaylaid," Matt Smith, Dec. 10]. From several blocks South of Market to Chinatown is 10 minutes on Muni's 15, 30, or 45, for starters. Fifteen minutes when congested, or by foot.

But then I wondered if I was being hard on Pelosi, because she tends to annoy me. My fantasies star Pelosi and Angela Alioto fighting it out on Jerry Springer. Of course, homegirl Alioto, who is truly San Franciscan enough to know that the Central Subway is at best unnecessary, triumphs.

So along comes Matt Smith's article, which brilliantly describes the subway as the "boondoggle" it is. Now I'm vindicated, but even madder, because Smith says the project "can't be killed."

Here's wishing Gavin Newsom luck in dealing with this mess.

Virginia Newhall

Gonzo Versus Gavin, Revisited

Thanks for the excellent road map: John Mecklin's piece on the mayoral candidates was really well done ["A Pair of Aces," Dec. 3]. I agree, it is an exciting time in S.F. politics. As a new mother, I've found it a little more difficult than usual to keep up on local politics. Even so, I kept up enough to be inspired by the possibility of Matt Gonzalez for mayor and for the first time EVER I put an election poster in my window. Thanks again for the insightful piece.

Wednesday Reynolds
Noe Valley

Say b'bye to district elections:Mecklin's failure to peg the distinctions between candidates Gonzalez and Newsom leaves one to wonder if the omissions are intentional.

His remarks omit that Newsom is the darling of big downtown interests; that Gonzalez stoutly opposes those same power brokers' efforts to grant privileges to corporations at the expense of San Francisco's citizens; and that, as president of the Board of Supervisors, Gonzalez has been instrumental in adopting district elections, which reflect the will of San Francisco's diverse population more accurately than either big downtown moneymen or their ally Willie Brown is comfortable with.

Since Newsom has won, look for dismantling of district elections as an early priority of his administration. Obligatory bashing of the San Francisco Bay Guardianaside (the Weekly devotes vastly more space to bad-mouthing the Guardian than the Guardian uses to the Weekly), is Mecklin so determined to be on the good side of Newsom that, à la Alioto, he is prepared to brown his nose upon all in sight?

Glen Kohler

Pussy Bashing

Knock off the sexist language, dickhead: Garrett Kamps' good article on Matt's and Gavin's musical tastes was irrevocably damaged by his use of the word "pussy" to describe one of Gavin's selections [OK Then, Dec. 3]. Kamps wasn't denoting something warm, furry, and lovable. He used "pussy" to denote weakness. Why does SF Weekly serve up this sexist shit to its readers, especially to women?

If Mr. Kamps is educable, then he needs to rethink and refeel why he equates weakness with something female. If SF Weekly wants its self-described reputation as the "smartest damn paper in the Bay Area" to hold up, then it needs to eliminate sexist language.

Maris Arnold

Sword Display

"White Dork Down" wasn't analytic enough?:So you don't like the film [The Last Samurai, reviewed in "White Dork Down," Dec. 3] ... [but] it's hard to read beyond your acerbic point of view. More incisive analysis and less clever writing would be helpful to me, as a reader, to see why I wouldn't like the movie, either.

Mike Levenhagen
Santa Clara

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