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Tuesday, February 3, 2004
Perpetually cash-strapped Laos never developed the lavish architecture and arts of wealthier countries. Instead, its artistic traditions sprang up around folk art that families could produce inexpensively at home -- and particularly the brilliant textiles woven from locally produced silks. Historically, the fabrics held an important place: Regular people donned resplendent silks for wedding days and funerals; prosperous types wore them to display their affluence; and village women even tendered them as payment for taxes. But you can enjoy them simply because they're gorgeous. Feast your eyes at "Weaving Tradition: Carol Cassidy and Woven Silks of Laos," an exhibition of modern pieces in the traditional mold, complete with a working loom and background information for those just getting acquainted with the ancient art. The show continues today at the Museum of Craft & Folk Art, Fort Mason, Bldg. A, Marina & Buchanan, S.F. Admission is free-$4; call 775-0991 or visit

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