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Week of Wednesday, March 3, 2004

The same story contained incorrect quotations from a coffee thrown by a Khanna supporter. The full exchange was:

Question: "You are 27 and don't have experience with the federal government. What can you say to let us know that you will have a clue what to do when you're out there [in Congress]?"

Khanna's reply: "That's a very good question. So, I do have experience in working for people in our government. I worked for Jack Quinn, who was the chief of staff to Al Gore; I worked for Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, who was the lieutenant governor of Maryland; I worked for Bill Bradley; I worked at the Carter Center for Ambassador Gordon Streeb on development issues in Guyana, international development issues. So I have been active in politics and active in the Democratic Party, and I've spent a lifetime thinking about policy issues. So, do I have the experience that Tom Lantos does? No. But I think I bring new ideas, I think I bring enough experience that I will be effective, and I know I'm capable of doing the job."

The story also incorrectly reported that the San Francisco Examinercriticized Khanna's opponent, U.S. Rep. Tom Lantos, as a political coward for refusing to debate opponents until late in the campaign. Actually, other publications made that criticism.

In a recent letter to the Weekly, Khanna also disputes the story's characterizations of his positions on several other issues; we believe the characterizations to involve primarily matters of interpretation and analysis. Mr. Khanna's letter can be found by clicking on the "Previous Issue" button on our Web site (www.sfweekly.com).

SF Weeklyregrets the errors.

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