David Guetta

Just a Little More Love

This is precisely the kind of album that will pound the final nail in the coffin for anyone who despises the happy-go-lucky nature of house music. Between the title song and cuts like "Love Don't Let Me Go," "It's Alright," and "You Are the Music," which all feature over-the-top vocals, saccharine-sweet lyrics, and predictable chord progressions, few clichés are left untouched (though our prescription for this disco fever would definitely include more cowbell). So don't bother playing Just a Little More Love for haters because you'll just strengthen their case. But it's a different story for the house music massive.

The Paris-based Guetta, who has brought many of America's top house DJs to France through his nightclub events, never takes himself as seriously as his potential detractors do. How pensive could a guy who throws a yearly party called "Fuck Me I'm Famous" on the notoriously cheesy Spanish party island of Ibiza possibly be? So it's not surprising that the highlight of Justis "Atomic Food," which makes fun of the vapidity of both house and electro via vocals that shout out different things to eat over music that sounds ripped off from the Egyptian Lover. The humor sometimes misses the mark, such as on the Prince sound-alike tune "Sexy 17," which needs to be far raunchier in order to be truly witty and get over the top. But for the most part, throughout Just, it's clear that Guetta's having a laugh and trying to spread that sense of frivolity to the listener.

If one can overlook the plain fact that this record is not an innovator in terms of technique, then it's not hard to be swept up in the party. House music has yielded much more technically brilliant albums, but the spirit of Just a Little More Love is less pretentious and more fun than quite a few of the others.

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