Reps Etc.

WEDNESDAY THROUGH SUNDAY: Ol' gravel voice is back -- Robert Evans narrates the story of his life in The Kid Stays in the Picture (Nanette Burstein, Brett Morgen, 2002) 7:45, 9:30 p.m.; also Fri-Sun 11:15 p.m.

MONDAY: Closed.

STARTS TUESDAY: The Animatrix (2003), a group of short cartoons set in the Wachowski Brothers" Matrix universe and markedly superior to either of 2003's sequels. Screens through May 16 8, 9:30 p.m.; also Fri-Sun 11 p.m.


3105 Shattuck (at Prince), Berkeley, (510) 849-2568, This cafe for activists offers occasional film and video screenings.

WEDNESDAY (April 21): A "Chiapas Front Benefit" includes video as part of a report on conditions there. Call (510) 654-9587 for more info. $5-10 sliding scale 7:30 p.m.

THURSDAY (April 22): A nostalgic comedy set in the 1950s about a would-be filmmaker, El Fotógrafo (The Photographer, Sebastián Alarcón, Chile, 2002). $8 7:30 p.m.


3125 16th St. (at Valencia), 863-1087, $8 save as noted. Popular holdover programs from the "big" Roxie two doors down. Call ahead to see if the scheduled film is actually continuing, as movies play here in an open-ended run.

WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY: The course of human folly is followed in the documentary Stupidity (Albert Nerenberg, 2004). See Ongoing for review 6:15, 8, 9:45 p.m.; also Wed 2, 4 p.m.

STARTS FRIDAY: Call for program.


57 Post (near Market), 393-0100 and for information; phone or e-mail for reservations. $5. This cultural asset of long standing screens films on projected video, with salon-style discussions to follow.

FRIDAY (April 23): Two shoeshine boys are victimized in Vittorio De Sica's outstanding neorealist classic Shoeshine (Italy, 1946) 6:30 p.m.


Action Theater, 101 Fourth St. (at Mission), Second Floor, 369-6098 and Free.

SATURDAY (April 24): Earth Day is marked with a Green Film Festival of environment-themed features and shorts presented by the Sierra Club, the Surfrider Foundation, and S.F. Environment noon-4 p.m.


2575 Bancroft (at Bowditch), Berkeley, (510) 642-1124, $8, second show $2; $12 for SFIFF programs save as noted. The East Bay mecca for film scholars, part of UC Berkeley's Art Museum, thrives at its on-campus location, up the steps on Bancroft between Telegraph Avenue and the Hearst Gym.

WEDNESDAY: A UCB film class open to the public screens Abbas Kiarostami's Close-Up (Iran, 1989), documenting a film buff's impersonation of famed director Mohsen Makhmalbaf 3 p.m. The 47th San Francisco International Film Festival screens here through April 29. See Page 43 for more details. Tonight, Vodka Lemon (Saleem, Armenia) 7 p.m. Master, A Building in Copacabana (Coutinho, Brazil) 9:25 p.m.

THURSDAY: SFIFF -- What the Eye Doesn't See (Lombardi, Peru) 6:30 p.m. Save the Green Planet! (Jang, Korea) 10 p.m.

FRIDAY: SFIFF -- Route 181 (Khleifi and Sivan, Palestine) 1:30 p.m. The Corporation (Achbar and Abbott, Canada) 7:30 p.m.

SATURDAY: SFIFF -- The Story of the Weeping Camel (Davaa and Falorni, Mongolia) 2 p.m. God Is Brazilian (Diegues, Brazil) 4 p.m. Since Otar Left (Bertuccelli, Georgia) 6:45 p.m. Triple Agent (Rohmer, France) 9:25 p.m.

SUNDAY: SFIFF -- Silent Waters (Sumar, Pakistan) 1:30 p.m. James' Journey to Jerusalem (Alexandrowicz, Israel) 4:05 p.m. Goodbye, Dragon Inn (Tsai, Taiwan) 6:30 p.m. The Middle of the World (Amorim, Brazil) 8:50 p.m.

MONDAY: SFIFF -- Checkpoint (Shamir, Israel) 5:30 p.m. "Life Is Shorts," a splendid program of short films honoring archivist Paolo Cherchi Usai, screens rarities from 1902 to 1928 including the hilarious Pass the Gravy (Fred Guiol, 1928) 8 p.m.

TUESDAY: SFIFF -- Guerrilla (Stone), a documentary about the SLA, name-changed from Neverland 7 p.m. Magic Gloves (Rejtman, Argentina) 9 p.m.


1834 Park (at Lake Merritt), Oakland, (510) 814-2400, $5 save as noted. Pizza, beer, and movies on two screens. Call theater for programs, booked a week in advance. The Parkway also offers occasional scheduled special programs.

THURSDAY (April 22): "Uncle Bill's Funny Night" offers a program of short comedies with the Three Stooges, Laurel & Hardy et al., as hosted by Uncle Bill himself. $6 9:15 p.m.

TUESDAY (April 27): This ain't Six Feet Under -- doings at Beech's Funeral Home are the subject of the locally made I'll Bury You Tomorrow (Alan Rowe Kelly, 2003). Filmmaker in person. $6 9:15 p.m.

MIDNIGHT SHOW (Saturday): The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Jim Sharman, 1975), with live performance by Barely Legal. $6.


1118 Fourth St. (at A Street), San Rafael, 454-1222, $9 save as noted. This three-screen repertory theater, now officially the Christopher B. Smith Rafael Film Center, is operated by the California Film Institute. Programs are complex; check carefully and call for confirmation.

WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY: Touching the Void (Kevin MacDonald, U.K., 2003) 7, 9:15 p.m. Lone Scherfig's Wilbur (U.K., 2003) 6:30, 8:50 p.m. The Triplets of Belleville (Sylvain Chomet, France, 2003) 6:45 p.m. The Fog of War (Errol Morris, 2003) 8:30 p.m. See Ongoing for reviews. Call for other programs.

FRIDAY THROUGH TUESDAY: The Triplets of Belleville, The Fog of War, and Touching the Void continue. Call for times and other programs.


1727 Haight (at Cole), 668-3994, $7 save as noted. There's a spot on the couch for you at this collectively owned rep house.

WEDNESDAY: A Day in the Hype of America (Brian Quist and T.J. Martin, 2002) tells four stories set on New Year's Eve 1999 -- and filmed that very day. Filmmakers in person 2, 7, 9:30 p.m.

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