Journey to the Center of BART

BART officials scare the shit out of us; local rock legend Paul Kantner says S.F. tap water tastes like shit

Dog Bites: What were you hoping to do by e-mailing us?

Paul Kantner: I was hopin' to start some trouble. I hear people's fish die in this water, and sick people can't drink it. I grew up in San Francisco, and I used to love to drink the tap water. It was some of the best in the country. Now it's unhealthy, they say. They added, not asbestos, but that other stuff. The cleaning stuff.

DB: Ammonia?

Kantner: Yeah! It used to be so good, I'd take it on the road with me. We could handle bottled water once we got going on tour, but I'd take a quart just to ease me on the road. Now it tastes like some dead, horrible thing. And if you leave it out overnight, it just gets worse. Now you can't -- ICK! How are we going to stand for this?

DB: How do you think it got so bad?

Kantner: Probably some bureaucrat put that stuff in the water. He found a way of justifying his job, because he didn't have anything to do. You know how they do.

DB: Have you ever tried putting iodine tablets in the water?

Kantner: The concept is foreign to me. It's not like I'm in Guatemala.

DB: I wonder what type of things would die and float to the surface if you did, though.

Kantner: God only KNOWS! I just got home from two weeks in London, and every day I've been mildly ill. It wasn't from London, either. It's a mild kind of intestinal thing. I never drink bottled water. I've dranken -- no wait, that doesn't sound right -- drunk it for the last 30 years, and enjoyed every drop. But now, I wouldn't even feed it to my parakeet.

DB: You have a parakeet?

Kantner: Not that I have a parakeet. I have a little carved stone dog. He's very pleasant. He doesn't shit, and he doesn't have fleas. (Lessley Anderson)

You Know You're in San Francisco When ...

You get this kind of press release:

For Immediate Release

(San Francisco, CA, March 30, 2004) -- Expanding the growing appetite that began last year with the announcement of the Giants Appetizers cookbook, these baseball super stars have returned to the table with new tips and teasers. Hot off the press, the Giants Entrees cookbook is filled to the brim with delicious new recipes, ready to be served up to your family or at your next Giants game celebration. Giants Entrees is the latest charitable fundraiser benefiting the Giants Community Fund and Step to the Plate Foundation.

Giants Entrees features more than 40 favorite dishes from Giants players, coaches, broadcasters, and alumni, with recipes as diverse as the players themselves. The Giants Wives helped in collecting many of the recipes and adding comments about their favorite all star's dishes. Fans can dig into reliable standards such as Brett Tomko's Easy Chicken Tacos or Dave Righetti's Spaghetti and Meatballs. Foodies who enjoy entrees a bit more adventurous will delight in the taste sensations of Vida Blue's Old Pueblo Saute (recipe provided by Compadres Bar & Grill), Ray Durham's Jamaican Steak, Orlando Cepeda's Bacalao a la Vizgaina, or Felipe Alou's Mahi Mahi recipe.

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