Best Handmade Coffee

Gateway Market

Best Handmade Coffee

Phil Jaber is "into" coffee the same way the pope is "into" God. Jaber's a fanatical barista who takes artful pride in each cup he brews. And he makes those cups one at a time. After you order your fix from Phil, it's hard not to be in awe of his intensely ritualistic process. First, he advises you on choosing a bean based on your personality. Then, he expertly measures out your dose, carefully grinds it, and steams a single cup. And it isn't anything like the weak brown-colored stuff most of us choke down at the office. This is coffee with teeth. This is coffee that'll keep you jumpin'. This is the coffee of the gods. Jaber sums it up best: "It's the kind of thing that will get you excited about life." Gateway is well worth the detour on the morning commute, and cheaper than a vente crapachino at Starbucks.

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