Best Locally Filmed TV Show


Now in its second season, the Discovery Channel's MythBusters -- starring San Francisco prop designers Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage -- puts old wives' tales and urban myths to the test through bizarre, hilarious science experiments. Using Hyneman's Potrero Hill warehouse as home base, the team has disproved numerous legends, including "A sinking ship will pull you down with it" (they sprung a leak in an old tugboat and stood on deck in scuba gear). In an episode called "Stinky Car," they proved true an urban legend in which an old lady fails to sell a beautiful old car, despite having cleaned it, because her husband died in it and left a persistent stench. Hyneman and Savage put two dead pigs inside a vintage Camaro, then had to remove them a few weeks later wearing biohazard suits and gas masks. They're smart, but never boring.

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