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Poster Source

Some poster stores specialize in rock art, others in movie ads, others in reproductions of post-impressionist paintings, and still others in those vintage broadsheets with the grinning demon enjoying a glass of Campari. Poster Source specializes in all of them. The walls and bins of its two well-organized floors are packed with jumbo-size replicas of Van Goghs, Klimts, Picassos, and Kahlos; movie posters of mostly recent vintage as well as the occasional Vertigo and From Russia With Love; big-as-life images of Marilyn, Che, and the Kennedy boys; dogs playing poker, Ali stalking Liston, and Johnny Cash giving you and me the finger; photos by Ansel Adams and saucier stuff from Herb Ritts; ancient maps and satellite photos of our diminishing globe; and lots more. The atmo is very Pier 39, with blaring Britney, cheery service, faux timbers, and its full share of cheesy greeting-card depictions of cable cars climbing halfway to the stars.

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