Medea Benjamin for President*

The new reality TV show American Candidate is as rigged as a Florida election. A recount won't help. We need a boycott.

For this to really happen, Medea Benjamin needs to become a reality-TV star. Sadly, TV realityism isn't about things "really happening," and there's evidence Benjamin's been prematurely axed.

Given our subject -- left-progressive politics -- I propose a boycott. Thankfully, Showtime's parent, Viacom Inc., has enough divisions to offer a little self-denial for everyone.

If you're a fan of violent, sexist, and profane music videos, refrain from watching Black Entertainment Television. If you enjoy paying far more in video late fees than you'd have ever spent on a first-run, big-screen movie, demonstrate support for Benjamin by denying yourself a trip to Blockbuster. Love Letterman? Not if you love Benjamin; CBS is a division of Viacom. And for that matter, you can quit watching MTV, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, VH1, and, obviously, Showtime. Don't watch any movies by Paramount or United International Pictures, either. Nor should you read books published by Simon & Schuster Inc.

In fact, the easiest way to adhere to this boycott, and help the progressive reality-TV cause, might involve giving up TV and other fantasy media altogether for a while. Pay attention to the real world. You might become so unsettled by what you see that you end up trying to change reality. If recent news headlines are any guide, you might just succeed -- really.

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