Get to "Wrasslin'" at Powerhouse, experience the "Deep House Project" at Wish, and sing the Tenderloft's swan song at "Dishonorable Discharge"

Now that lurid sex acts have been (sort of) banned in the backroom of Powerhouse (as well as at all other SOMA bars after a recent bust at My Place), the venue's "Wrasslin'"night is the next best way to rid yourself -- legally -- of pent-up sexual frustration. On this night, men don their favorite sports-themed leotards, underwear, or whatever and hit the mat for some good ol'-fashioned wrestling. Like a gay varsity team -- with a few more wrinkles and a lot less hair -- opponents wriggle and twist in an attempt to put each other down for the count. As for the beats, DJs spin electro and other retro hits from the '70s and '80s during the battles. The blows get thrown on Thursday, June 17, at Powerhouse; call 552-8689 or visit
-- Brock Keeling

As one of the best small rooms along Folsom's sprawling club corridor, Wish hangs its reputation on strong (albeit pricey) drinks and an unfailing cast of local turntablists. The biweekly "Deep House Project"residency is no exception, when regular DJs Carlos, Rachel, and Jackson lead a trip through selections of (you guessed it) deep house with a few rousing diversions into the more soulful, funk-informed accents of the last four decades. For the June 18 installment of "DHP," Transport label stalwart DJ MFR will take to the decks for the final set of the evening. The free event starts at 10 p.m. Friday and goes until 2 in the morning, but be advised not to roll up to the place with nine of your tightest bros. Wish's unofficial door policy keeps the sausage parties to a minimum. Call 278-9474 or visit for more information.
-- Nate Cavalieri

In the last 2 1/2 years, the Tenderloft has bridged the (admittedly sketchy) divide between public show space and private residence by hosting rock shows, dance parties, and gallery openings that have attracted as many in-the-know (p)arty people as boys in blue. But, as our friend George (Harrison, not Dubya or Curious) once put it, all things must pass, and by weekend's end, the Tenderloin's most notorious alternative art space will be no more. "Dishonorable Discharge"will commemorate the death of the venue with DJ sets by past and present residents including Tonic, Yap, M, and Brad Pitt (no, not theBrad Pitt). Five bucks gets you through the door to this free-for-all swan song, which is sure to have no shortage of drum 'n' bass, techno, hip hop, etc. The wake happens on Saturday, June 19; for more details, check out
-- Nate Cavalieri

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