Various Artists

Shanti Project Collection 3

Here is a golden opportunity for frequent downloaders to atone for past sins. As it did with the first two collections in this series, Badman Recordings is giving a portion of the sales from this disc to the S.F.-based Shanti Project, which "provides education, practical assistance, and emotional support to people in need." Shanti Project Collection 3features rare tracks from Sigur Rós, the Black Heart Procession, Arab Strap, Califone, and Kinski; several of the tunes were recorded exclusively for this release. Unlike many compilations, Shanti 3's songs flow effortlessly into each other, with the instrumentals in particular shining through. The Black Heart Procession's haunting "Exit Out" starts things on a high note with steady, trance-inducing drum patterns anchoring deceptively stark yet beautiful piano and guitar arrangements. Sigur Rós' organ-centric "Danarfregnir Og Jaroarfarir" also holds its own without lyrics, winding its way through your consciousness like an unholy marriage of Pink Floyd and My Bloody Valentine. Philanthropy never sounded so good.

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