The Catheters

Howling...It Grows and Grows!!!

What do you do when you're a bunch of wannabe-punk kids from the suburbs of Seattle who already have a grimy, modestly successful, Stooges-heavy album under your belts? You jump on the classic/garage rock revival bandwagon, of course. Their relative youth and their provenance, however, inextricably inform the Catheters' definition of classic rock. While Howling makes some swampy, obligatory references to Zeppelin, it also sounds like the Catheters pissed on every Mudhoney, Melvins, and Green River album they own -- both out of excitement and in the interest of marking their territory. The record treats the band's Northwest garage-punk predecessors to the same cocky young pup idolatry/bastardization that Jack White gives the Kinks. Although the pissing contest can get a bit monotonous at times (and some of us have our suspicions that these particular dirty punks are actually nice boys who call their mothers regularly), Howling rather fabulously reeks of the filthy bowels of rock 'n' roll from garage rock to grunge. Which is appropriate for a band called the Catheters.

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