Jet Black Crayon

Inaccuracies of the Mind Machine

I love my Safeway Club Card. I use it every day. According to what's on sale, I pick my meals. For instance, if nectarines, frozen pizzas, and deli-sliced mesquite turkey are sale items, guess who's eating mesquite turkey all week? Me. There aren't many things I can say that I use religiously like my Safeway card. Let's see: There's my coffee maker, my athlete's foot cream, my dandruff shampoo -- oh, and this copy of the new Jet Black Crayon album, Inaccuracies of the Mind Machine. I play it every day. Mainly at night before I tuck myself in. It's a great listen from start to finish. But one question this Safeway Clubber would like to ask is, "Does it contain value?" Well, many of the 14 perfectly orchestrated instrumental tracks have Johnny Herndon from Tortoise playing drums alongside S.F. legends Tommy Guerrero, Gadget, and Monte Vallier; the enhanced CD's QuickTime movies are great; and the cover art is an excellent piece by Bill Swanson. Yes, I do believe that's Club Card-worthy value. Too bad they didn't include a 68-ounce bag of Fritos and some two-for-one yogurts with the purchase. What's wrong, Jet Black Crayon, you don't like cheap yogurt? Fancy yogurt-heads.

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