Sea of Salvation

A man, a mountain, and a message for the world

"My current project is the cathedral," says Knight, guiding me to a half-finished dome for which a giant tree made of adobe, telephone poles, and truck tires act as support.

"There's going to be a museum up there," says Knight, pointing to the upper branches. "I must be crazy to start a project like this at my age. I should've started it when I was 17, but I was [still running from God] then."

While Knight admits to little more than being shiftless and unfocused as a youth, he remembers the exact moment in 1967 when he asked Jesus to come into his heart.

"I felt it fill me up," he says. "So I kept saying it for half an hour, and I knew what I had to do. Thankfully, I don't have to do big things. Jesus did all the big things."

Knight turns toward his "little" mountain, on which he has worked by himself under the sun nearly every day for 20 years, and smiles.

"I wouldn't want to live any other way."

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