White Mud Free Way

Last Year's Junk

It's A.D. 2007. The boroughs of New York are still being rebuilt after the convention riots of 2004, and a group of renegade music scientists is desperately trying to re-create the indie rock scene lost in the devastation. Their lament: "If we only had a source CD that encapsulated the variety of styles that post-collegiate indie rockers were loving that fateful summer. You know, a CD by some Brooklyn band that showed how '90s indie guitar rockers like Liz Phair and the Spinanes were back in style, but were now partly filtered through this '70s falsetto thing. The sound of bright kids with omnivorous musical appetites discovering that they could be soulful and ironic at the same time! If only there were a single recording that illustrated how un-weird it had become for country ballads to live alongside clacky iBook beats. And a disc that, once and for all, could substantiate the claims that Fleetwood Mac had somehow become cool again amongst urban twentysomethings circa 2004." And when they say this, I will laugh at them. Then I will stop laughing and give them this CD, because science is important.

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