Last Crawl

In which three Doggie Diner Dog Heads lead Silke Tudor cross-country, to a place that is not San Francisco but, even so, feels like home

I like it, and upon our return to San Francisco -- after the serenades by Mr. Lucky in Times Square; the weirdly coincidental dachshund dog festival held in Washington Square Park; the Porn Clown Posse's visit to the Guggenheim; the walking tour led by Timothy "Speed" Levitch; the San Francisco show-and-tell presented at CBGB's by Laughing Squid; the quarter-mile marathon featuring Chengwin (a giant chicken-penguin) and his nemesis, Chunk (a giant chicken-skunk); and the bike rodeo hosted by the Madagascar Institute -- I continue to think about Brooklyn for more than a year.

So I'm going back there, to see what therehas in store. I don't know when I'll return or what I will be like if I do, but rest assured, my heart will always be here, even as my mind and body wander.

Thank you for reading.

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