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Tuesday, September 7, 2004
Thirty-year White House veteran Richard Clarke is a counterterrorism expert par excellence. He worked for the administrations of Reagan, both Bushes, and Clinton in various intelligence jobs: In other words, he's got serious anti-terrorist chops. So now that he's written a book charging that our current president ignored his advice about al Qaeda before, during, and after Sept. 11, who can refute him? Bush cronies have responded to the allegations in Against All Enemies, but in what looks to us like an amazingly dumb way: National Security Council member Stephen Hadley, for example, claimed that Clarke was "just wrong" in a 60 Minutes interview -- without offering much evidence to support his assertion. For hard, cold facts from the man going public with his opinion that President Bush "has made us less safe," catch Clarke's Bay Area appearance at 8 p.m. at Zellerbach Hall, Bancroft & Telegraph, on the UC Berkeley campus. Admission is $5-10; call (510) 642-9988 or visit

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