Intimate Details

Marga Gomez's rapid-fire monologue about a disastrous love affair


Through Sept. 12

Tickets are $15-28



Theatre Rhinoceros, 2926 16th St. (at Mission), S.F.

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Here's how straight I am: Until Marga Gomez opened her latest show, I never knew there was a hierarchy of Gay Pride events. Gomez tells us about her career slide as a Pride MC, from St. Louis Pride to Pensacola (Fla.) Pride to Buffalo (N.Y.) Pride to (apparently rock-bottom) New Jersey Pride. Each year Gomez gets fired, and in Jersey she neglects her work in favor of a suburban single mom named Shona, the "hippest" woman there. Crass-tongued Shona smokes Parliaments, nags her daughter, has two cell phones, and talks to her ex-husband while Gomez performs certain duties in bed. The affair sounds so hideous I'll assume Gomez made the whole thing up, especially the titular "details." But it is hilarious. At first Gomez's delivery feels recited, but she builds momentum when she begins to shift into rapid-fire dialogue between her own persona and Shona's, and soon the show becomes what an audience deserves to expect from a veteran, self-described "Dyke of Darkness." If anything, Gomez doesn't know when to stop. A final scene involving a dog seems superfluous; by then the story has climaxed at least three times.

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