Death Rattle & Roll Volume 1

Remember when independent labels used to put out solid punk rock collections of tunes by Bay Area bands? Probably not, since classics such as Not So Quiet on the Western Front and Can You Hear Me? Music From the Deaf Club came out, like, a bazillion years ago. Local purveyor of all things punk and former Dead Teenager Records head Sluggo does his damnedest to remedy the situation with his new imprint, Wundertaker, and its inaugural CD release, Death Rattle & Roll Volume 1. Focusing mostly on local bands bashing out raw, nitro-burning sounds that echo Seattle speed demons Zeke (who put out a live album on Dead Teenager and now run the label themselves), the comp offers a whopping 30 tracks with a commendable minimum of filler. Bottles & Skulls' minute-and-a-half frenzy "California Greenbacks," two tunes by Sluggo's own Dictators-ish combo the Grannies -- their hilarious hipster swipe "Chain Wallet" is worth the price of admission alone -- and blistering gutter-rock contributions from the Jack Saints and the Black Furies are just some of the highlights.

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