Everything But the Girl's boy, pansexual hip hop, and a Zen-practicing Kiwi

Twenty years in Everything But the Girl, five years with Lazy Dog, a near-fatal encounter with a rare immune disorder, a sinewy body that can wear anything -- this is just part of what makes up the talented Ben Watt. Now on his own, he's out promoting Buzzin' Fly Volume One at DNA Lounge's "Remedy." Gaining talent and popularity as a DJ in the London club scene over the past few years, Watt spins house with a touch of Brazilian beats, which will fit perfectly with this popular house-heavy night that goes well into the morning. He mans the decks alongside DJs Julius Papp, Justin Martin, resident DJs J Bogie and Daniella, plus a live percussion performance by Ahmed "the Funky Pharaoh." The beats commence on Friday, Sept. 10; call 626-1409 or visit
-- Brock Keeling

What do you get when you mix Red Wine with Big Booty? No, not a bladder infection or flavored santorum -- it's "Strawberry," one of the only pansexual hip hop parties around. Over the last three years, promoters TophOne, Jose Mineros, and David Peterson (the former of R.W.; the latter two of B.B., "Fag Fridays") have brought together the homo and hetero worlds, offering gay acts like Deep Dickollective and Hanifah Walida and straight DJs such as Afrika Bambaataa and Kool DJ Red Alert. For the event's third anniversary on Saturday, Sept. 11, at the Endup, there'll be plenty of great slamming tunes from such DJs as Quest, Marz, MC Eddie-K, Zeph, and Romanowski, along with live graffiti art from Twick and giveaways from True and FTC Skateshop. Taste the love by calling 332-5800, ext. 211, or going to
-- Dan Strachota

Beware the mad-blunted following of the dreadlocked one they call FreQ Nasty. Otherwise known as Darin McFadyen, a Zen-practicing Kiwi residing in the U.K. these last 10 years, FreQ has a visual presence as memorable and over-the-top as his time-tested breakbeats are insane. His new album, Bring Me the Head of FreQ Nasty, perfects his body-rockin' art, boasting enough versatility to host an esteemed house vocalist (Yolanda) as well as two of the most notable stars of U.K. hip hop (Rodney P and Roots Manuva). If it's at all possible to fog up the room with the scents of sweet sticky icky, it's gonna happen here. Lightweights stay home when FreQ Nasty brings the pain on Saturday, Sept. 11, to Mighty; call 626-7001 or visit
-- Tamara Palmer

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