Death in the Family

Once you learn the full story of the mom-and-pop cult known as "The Family," you'll understand an unsettling reality: Any of us might have joined in.

"I had a blessing of being given children on this Earth," Wilson told her psychologist. "I aligned with a warped worldview. I gave up my maternal instincts. I squandered my responsibilities. ... I will cry daily."

The situation seems tragic to those who know the women.

"Once you've severed the head, you don't need to sever the body," says Fabian Skibinski, Wilson's former boss. "In a way, they're punishing them more after the fact. These people who have been through all this shit are now not able to come together and share the grief. They're so afraid this thing is like a Hydra -- that it'll come back together and ignite."

Winnfred Wright.
Courtesy of AP Wide World Photos
Winnfred Wright.
Deirdre Wilson.
Courtesy of AP Wide World Photos
Deirdre Wilson.

Despite his role as abuser and leader, Wright will be eligible for parole in approximately five years. He thinks the family was guilty only of failing to give its children enough vitamin D -- which he calls an "innocent mistake."

In Wright's view, the prosecution proves the family was right to be secretive, that a black man "fucking classy white women" and "making so many nigger babies" was just too mortifying for white "Amerikkka" to stomach. The family was just too irritatingly evolved for the rest of the world to allow it to exist.

"The 'Marinquisition' in their 'normal'/ suburban-Marin lifestyle appropriate/ (white RACIST) SOCIAL CONDITIONING saw a family of our RACIAL/SEXUAL composition and instinctively HATED us," Wright wrote to SF Weekly, "and they sublimated their ... HATRED of us by criminalizing our NEW ENERGY differences in outlook, living perspectives, DIETARY/ HEALTHCARE regimen, etc. behind the smokescreen of criminalizing the INNOCENT events surrounding NDIGO'S death."

It's no mystery to Wright why his wives turned on him. He knew all along that their "white social conditioning" made them weak and susceptible to the designs of "the Babylon system."

He'd been trying to teach them otherwise, but apparently they hadn't evolved. Now, he wrote, "They are brainwashed."

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