Wiener World

Dachshund-lovers unite

SAT 11/13

With their cartoonishly long bodies, impossibly stubby legs, and awkward gait, dachshunds are so odd-looking that even wrinkle-bound Shar-Peis giggle at them behind their backs. In fact, the only place where the petite pups need not fear ridicule may be at the S.F. Dachshund Gathering, a monthly get-together at which scores of wriggling, happily barking pooches play as their owners swap care tips and marvel over their antics. Join their wiener world every second Saturday at 10 a.m. at the top of Buena Vista Park, Buena Vista & Central, S.F. Admission is free; call 566-5651 or visit
-- Joyce Slaton

Part Mart
Spruce up cycles at VeloSwap

SAT 11/13

In my college town, bike theft was rampant, a rite of passage for aspiring university idiots. A new bicycle might last a week before someone popped it, christened it with spray paint, and swapped it for a term paper. But age brings reason, and postgraduates prefer to do our bike trading in large, brightly lit venues, such as the Cow Palace at the VeloSwap cycling expo. Billed as the world's largest bicycle flea market, this is the place to find deals on new and used bikes, parts, and accessories, and to hobnob with retailers, sales reps, cycling clubs, and nonprofits at more than 400 booths. Racers are invited to bring their own rides to compete in challenges, while those with a thirst for velocipedes will find classic touring bikes in the accompanying Vintage Lightweight Expo. Pedal down at 9 a.m. to the Cow Palace, Geneva & Santos, S.F. Admission is free-$8; call (800) 811-4210 x 222 or visit
-- Michael Leaverton

Beyond Dogtown

TUE 11/16

The organizers of the "UnderSkatement" film festival demand one thing from their participants: the ability to skate. This traveling show consists entirely of pictures by skateboarders -- who, as a group, tend to be young and creative, often nursing wounds but generally up for a good time, especially when listening to the Deftones. If you're wondering what business they have making movies, consider two things: 1) Spike Jonze, a skater, does it extremely well, and 2) Skaters are veritable geeks about videography, since watching a trick is nearly as much fun as doing it. "UnderSkatement" features short narratives and experimental films, including artist documentaries from local Reid van Renesse, animation from Lori Damiano, and work from enthusiasts Travis Kopach, Jay Maldonado, and many others. The fest kicks off at 7 p.m. (and 9:15) at the Castro Theatre, 429 Castro (at Market), S.F. Admission is $5.50-8.50; call 621-6120 or visit
-- Michael Leaverton

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