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A dozen local musicians find a silver lining in the election results. Seriously.

There has got to be a silver lining to all of this, right? I mean, there has to be. It can't all be bad. Yes, Porky Dumbfuck won. Yes, our entire federal government is swinging wildly right. Yes, Dumbfuck thinks he has a "mandate." We are down, down, down. But are we out? Impossible.

Like the rest of you, readers, I hung my head low last Tuesday night, and by the next morning it was pretty much touching the floor. Riding Muni to work that morning, I saw the faces of my fellow San Franciscans, looking like Civil War soldiers trudging home from a battle lost. Things seemed dire. When I got to work I considered checking into the cost of a flight to Fiji, where I might live out my life picking bananas and introducing native Fijians to really cool bands ("Dude, Interpol!"). I was planning on writing a screed on why I think we creative types -- musicians, actors, writers, directors, etc. -- should withhold all forms of entertainment from the red states until the people who live there get their act together.

Which, of course, is just a wee bit rash.

But then the day wore on, the sting began to wane, and after reading countless lamentations online, I realized that more vitriol is not what we need right now. What we need is a silver lining, which I decided to try and find. To that end, I sent dozens of e-mails to musicians around town -- from hardcore metal acts to world music makers to hip hoppers -- asking them simply to share their own personal silver linings. The response was overwhelming: far too much material to include in such a small space. Truthfully, not all of it was silver lining-ish, but all of it was inspiring. To those who responded, thank you; one silver lining for me is simply seeing those of us in the scene band together. Here's what some of your local musicians had to say:

Monty Luke, DJ of club night "Riot"

"Right now, just about the only silver lining I can say will come out of this is that people will use this travesty as an impetus to create more art that is anti-establishment. ... Our only resort right now is to continue (in our own way) to fight throughout this very dark time in history to show those who will look back upon us in the future that there was resistance. That we all didn't blindly march into war with Iraq, Iran, North Korea, etc. without a fight; because that is also what it means to be an American. At least it used to be."

Ethan Miller, Comets on Fire

"Here is one great thing: Jon Stewart (Daily Show) will be much funnier with Bush in the White House for the next four years than if Kerry won.

"Art, music, film, literature are much more enthusiastically and honestly produced in times of desperation and horror and confusion than times of success and apathy and comfort. Personally, I feel like in underground music there has been an explosion the last four years as opposed to the Clinton years which politically were much lovelier. So at least we'll be producing.

"Brothers and sisters, In the spirit of Jesus H. Christ, be loving and kind and tolerant, even to your born-again rulers who are too fucking stupid, ignorant, and hateful to be loving and kind and tolerant to thee."

MC Doseone (aka Adam Drucker), Themselves, Subtle, cLOUDDEAD

"The United States is not lacking in abundance of fine human beings; it's just torn between what it means to live in this country and what it takes to be a ruler in this country. There is indeed a lighter side to all this: I watched the Daily Show mock the election process throughout its broadcast. 8 years ago this sort of thing didn't exist; times are changing. One can watch an airbrushed president catching doves with his bare hands for children on one channel, and the same president falling up a flight of steps on the other."

Bing Ji Ling, funk-soul brother, ice cream lover

"I heard George Bush is going to start serving free ice cream whenever he speaks!"

Zach Rogue, Rogue Wave

"It's good that someone who actually threatens the Republican Party (Barack Obama) was elected into office."

Adrian Roberts, DJ, "Bootie" every second Saturday at Cherry Bar; "Guilty" every Friday at the Stud

"If there's any silver lining to the election debacle, all I can think of is this: When the economy is good, and things in the country are all peachy-keen fine, the music almost always SUCKS. Good music only seems to flourish into the mainstream when the economy sucks.

"Think about it: Punk rock and early hip hop arrived during the oil embargos of the Carter administration. A few years later, during the boom-boom Reagan years, we were treated to the likes of Steve Winwood, Poison, Phil Collins, and Cutting Crew. Then, Nirvana and its 'alternative music' ilk rose in popularity at the height of the recession. Then the economy got better, and we got the Backstreet Boys and the shallow posturing of 'bling-bling'-obsessed gangsta-rap -- the hip hop equivalent of hair metal.

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