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A dozen local musicians find a silver lining in the election results. Seriously.

"But if Bush continues to decimate our national economy by spending billions on a pointless overseas war in Iraq, expect popular music to get MUCH better. It's already starting to happen. The Britneys and Justins of the world are starting to lose favor. Soon they will be replaced by something much less plastic, less escapist, and much more real."

Ross Sewage, Impaled

"We, the doctors of the deranged, can tell you what is not just good, but great about the election results. The American homeland will be kept safe, once we've got faceless guards armed with assault rifles on the corner of every street, with none of this wussy 'civilian' oversight. Moral values will be firmly upheld once the Department of Justice makes sure to equip every indoor room with a video camera. Joblessness will reach an all-time low as each American is paid to watch another American. We will have oil forever and ever once the entire Middle East is subjugated under our rule. There will be no traitorous or amoral thoughts once the fire departments burn all of our books. It'll be a brave new world under George W. Bush! And think ... we were only off our goal of reaching this Europia 1984 by a scant 20 years!"

John Santos, The Machete Ensemble

"Last night (Nov. 3), I was among the enchanted of all ages in the sold-out house at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco to witness the musical genius of Brazil's gift to the world, the one and only Hermeto Pascoal (much gratitude and props to the SF Jazz Festival). ... He's as childlike as ever in his presence and in his transcendental music. His sense of humor is ever-present. It was the perfect remedy for post-election Blues. It reminded me of the joy that art, creativity, and honesty inspire and how powerful it is to be touched in your deepest self and soul ... how humbling and spiritually uplifting it is to be brought back to the childlike wonder and innocence of discovering or rediscovering artistic excellence ... and how ignorance and dirty politics must never be allowed to soil the sacred ground of people's art and the dignity, respect, and love that it fosters."

Eugene Robinson, Oxbow

"We just got back from touring the States (with the acoustic duo) and in these fly-over states we saw that indeed the Age of the Ape Upon Us is, actually, upon us. Realizing this now, versus when I'm murdering you for a parking space, is much better in the scheme of things."

Eric Shea, Parchman Farm

"Right now the silver lining looks like it's just going to get thinner and thinner. But if there is a silver lining within a silver lining, maybe it's that all this will force people to get up and realize that if we want to make a change that we have to really get out and aggressively fight the machine for our freedom. ... With the possibilities of abortion becoming outlawed and the draft being reinstated, maybe we'll finally get off our asses (and our computers) and follow more closely in the footsteps of a generation that helped bring back our troops from Vietnam. They certainly didn't think you could change the world with something lame like Friendster Bulletin Board posts or self-indulgent weblogs. So maybe for the first time in a long time people will stop raising awareness and start raising hell. Until then a true silver lining only seems like something on the horizon."

Nedelle Torrisi, Nedelle and Thom

"It does make a difference to organize! For example, people are afraid that 3 supreme court justices will be appointed by Bush in the next couple years. But we've seen in the past Republican-appointed, conservative justices unexpectedly vote for progressive issues due to the pressure they've felt from certain social movements. William Brennan helped strengthen free speech and free press rights, and supported rulings in favor of affirmative action and abortion rights, despite being appointed by a republican, Dwight Eisenhower. ... This is just one minuscule example of how movements can affect the seemingly hopeless state of affairs."

Conan Neutron, Replicator

"Here is what I have to say to George Bush, his backers and his ilk:

'You WILL NOT take my country from me, no way, no how.

'You WILL NOT change it into something I do not believe in.

'I will not give up, I will not flee the country, I will stand and fight until my last breath, and on that you can count.

'If I lose I will be remembered as a patriot, who did everything in his power to fight for what he believed in.

'I will tell my future kids that we did not stop fighting until the day was won, and if we do not win, then we can say we fought well and did our best.

'So, Bush, Republicans, haters of gay people, please, enjoy your day, because it is numbered.

'The Republic is dead, the Empire has arisen.

'Know this, though, the fight has only begun.

'What is past is prologue, and we willprevail.

'Count on it.'"

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