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Addicted: A Comedy of Substance. It's just what it says: a show about back-monkeys. Mark Lundholm is a comedian with broad shoulders and a no-bullshit style. He offers 80 minutes of stand-up and autobiography on the theme of his own addictions to booze, speed, coke, bad relationships, and television. "An addict is energy without grace," he says, moving around the stage like a human torpedo. He amuses the audience with stories about the time he woke up naked on a sidewalk, say, with a candy cane up his ass ("How'd it get there? I don't know"), then shifts unobtrusively to starker material, like the story of holding his baby daughter after a long binge, still high, and deciding in a fit of self-loathing to walk out on wife, child, and responsibility. This bleak undertow gives Addicted a dimension beyond stand-up. Not only did Lundholm steal the family truck and start a brutal life on the streets; not only did he try to hold up a liquor store and carjack a Lexus; not only did he live for a while under an Oakland overpass; not only did he try to blow his own head off (with a pistol that jammed) -- the whole stupid tragedy was sui generis, born and nursed in his own head. It's very sad. But it also hits a universal nerve. Through Dec. 12 at the Marines Memorial Theatre, 609 Sutter (at Mason), S.F. Tickets are $25-40; call 771-6900 or visit (Michael Scott Moore) Reviewed Nov. 24.

Little Shop of Horrors. The touring Broadway revival of the 1982 off-Broadway hit features a newly enormous man-eating plant, not the 9-foot Muppet from 20 years ago but a mountainous, hydraulic-driven Frankenflower that requires a team of puppeteers. Michael James Leslie does the voice -- "FEED ME!" -- and sings the churning, sinister funk songs. He's good, though his vocal presence doesn't match Levi Stubbs' performance in the 1986 musical film. Lenny Wolpe plays a surprisingly sensitive and menschy Mushnik, the flower-shop owner; Tari Kelly is powerful as Audrey the blond sexpot, especially in her ballads "Somewhere That's Green" and "Suddenly Seymour." Anthony Rapp also does good work with shop assistant Seymour's Jewish patter but struggles a bit with the songs, unless the off notes in his voice are meant to be part of Seymour's character. Overall it's a strong revival, passing through town for no reason except that two more decades have passed since the original production and audiences still turn out to see big, dumb shows about carnivorous plants from outer space. Through Dec. 5 at the Golden Gate Theatre, 1 Taylor (at Market), S.F. Tickets are $34-81; call 512-7770 or visit (Michael Scott Moore) Reviewed Nov. 17.

"Welcome to the Hypnodrome." For five years the Thrillpeddlers troupe has mounted old scripts from Paris' notorious Théâtre du Grand Guignol; director Russell Blackwood (with his former partner, Daniel Zilber) put on an annual revue called Shocktoberfest! featuring short plays about sadists and lunatics. Now the troupe has its own théâtre in a gloomy converted warehouse South of Market. The Hypnodrome is part theater, part Halloween fright-maze, and "Welcome to the Hypnodrome" is a production of three short Guignolplays intended to show off the space. Unfortunately, the plays are lame. Except for Jill Tracy and Ginette Baljour, and in one case Eric O'Brien, the actors seem stiff and bored, and nobody manages to cast a Gothic spell. Unless a director works this material into something camp-outrageous or funny, Guignolisn't worth reviving, and for some reason Blackwood has thrown no energy into creating a spectacle. Through Dec. 18 at the Hypnodrome, 575 10th St. (at Bryant), S.F. Tickets are $18-20, or $45-50 for two in a "Shock Box"; call 248-1900 or visit (Michael Scott Moore) Reviewed Oct. 27.

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