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Let the wily noise of D Yellow Swans both fray and soothe your nerves

Like the hyperactive offspring of Sub Pop's Wolf Eyes, Oakland's quantum noise-engineers D Yellow Swanshave released a heaping closetful of vinyl, cassettes, and CD-R's since their inception circa 2001. My latest acquisition from the duo is a self-titled CD-R that Scratch-n-Sniff Entertainment just put out. It's four exquisitely improvised mantras of pounding heart, buzzing spinal cord, and rumbling intestinal tract electronically processed and blasted through the speaker cones replete with crashing waves of Spacemen 3 feedback and scorched chips of European gabbercore -- the latter two elements definitely making DYS's noise break from the pack. Unlike the monochromatic screaming static that too many American noise groups habitually churn out, DYS's unique output both pierces and soothes the nerves, seeping into the bloodstream like a rainbow-colored opiate. Check out D Yellow Swans when they "bring the neon war home" to the Hemlock Tavern on Wednesday, Dec. 29; call 923-0923 or go to www.hemlocktavern.com.

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