Air Conditioning


Air Conditioning

Purchase two midrange cooling units. Don't break the bank, but make sure they are constructed of real American steel. Strap them to your skull like earmuffs and switch them to maximum freeze. Have a friend who owns two aluminum baseball bats pound that metal with all the long-ball power of Willie McCovey and the slow-burn groove of Black Sabbath. If performed successfully you will understand precisely how my thoroughly stunned noggin felt after its first exposure to Weakness, the second release by this brutal noise-rock trio from Allentown, Pa., called Air Conditioning. It's an apt name for three dudes who so skillfully rework the standard rock configuration of guitar, bass, and drums into a machine churning up waves of screaming atonality that chill the air like the common household cooling unit ... only a tad louder. But, but, but you must listen intently (despite that ear-ringing pain) -- beneath those waves lurk some frighteningly heavy psychedelic jams.

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