Ursula 1000 touches down at "Joypad"; MC Kool Keith brings his 1,000 personalities to the Independent

Alex Gimeno, also known as the fly lounge lizard Ursula 1000, is a fixture in the New York nightlife scene, where he's the resident DJ for upscale parties at venues like the Soho Grand hotel and APT. He's a favorite choice of many fashion designers to provide music for their runways, and as a producer/remixer with three albums and a mix CD for Thievery Corporation's Eighteenth Street Lounge label under his belt, he's completed projects ranging from new takes on Pierre Henry's French noodling to redoing the theme to Sesame Street. Ursula 1000 and his super-eclectic record collection (think lounge, house, samba, even ska) will ensure that this week's installment of "Joypad" lives up to its name. Fix up, look sharp on Saturday, Jan. 22, at the Rx Gallery; call 474-7973 or visit for more info. -- Tamara Palmer

San Francisco is fortunate to have a wealth of incredibly talented DJs who stretch the spectrum of soul, funk, and hip hop. For the recurring party "The Big Payback," local promoters True Skool recruit a heaping helping of these shining talents. This Saturday, Jan. 22, Mind Motion (whose megamixes of current hits grace the airwaves of KMEL), DJ Pam the Funkstress of the Coup, and Digital Underground's original selector, DJ Fuze, will be the highlights of an evening in which wallflowers will be few. Though James Brown and his cape won't be in the building, there will be an excess of funky drumming on hand when "The Big Payback" touches down at the DNA Lounge; call 626-1409 or go to for more info. -- Tamara Palmer

There's something precocious and strangely cinematic about left-field hip hop pioneer Kool Keith's psychosis. Whether performing as a member of the endlessly influential Ultramagnetic MCs or on solo outings such as the widely celebrated Doctor Octagon and the secretly superior Sex Styles, Keith delivers a blend of sci-fi lunacy, triple-X sex rhymes, and B-grade braggadocio that sounds as if it was ripped from an adolescent's wet dream, interpreted by Ray Bradbury, and adapted for the screen by Russ Meyer. Sure, Keith's brain-damaged brilliance is buried amidst what seems like a thousand albums and at least as many aliases, but when the rapper shines -- as he does frequently on his recent release with longtime collaborator Kut Master Kurt, Diesel Truckers -- few in the hip hop universe are as bright or as peculiar. Live, Keith is known for slinging fried chicken at the audience and, sadly enough, not showing up (well, at least in the case of his last show at Slim's, but we're not predicting a repeat). Cross your fingers when Keith and Kurt take to the DNA Lounge on Sunday, Jan. 23; call 626-1409 or go to for more info. -- Sam Chennault

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