Swing Shift

A tennis shoo-in with the game's major hotshots

WED-SUN 2/9-13

A lot of sports are better enjoyed on television than live: Keeping track of a baseball game from way up in the stands behind the outfield isn't much fun, for instance. But watching tennis remotely -- where viewers can't appreciate players' grunts and lunges and the resounding thwack of a good shot -- is truly boring. So fans have been lining up for months for tickets to the SAP Open (formerly the Pacific Coast Championships), a major draw for the game's most famous names. See stars like Andre Agassi, 2004 champion Andy Roddick, and last year's runner-up, Mardy Fish, working their backhand as matches continue through Sunday at the HP Pavilion, 525 West Santa Clara (at North Autumn), San Jose. Admission to individual events is $17-95; call (408) 287-7070 or visit www.hppsj.com.
-- Joyce Slaton

Having a Fling

Agassi really knows how to keep his eye on 
the ball.
Ron Angle
Agassi really knows how to keep his eye on the ball.
In the future, Ultimate Frisbee will be our 
national sport.
Aaron Farmer
In the future, Ultimate Frisbee will be our national sport.

SAT 2/12

Ultimate Frisbee melds football's strategy, soccer's speed, and basketball's passes to create an internationally popular game that will kick your ass like no other. The sport started out in the '60s as a college campus diversion; now the volunteer-run San Francisco Ultimate League boasts hundreds of players, regular meets, and a 2004 appearance in a segment of the Learning Channel's A Dating Story. Catch the last tourney in the "Winter Hat Series" at 9:30 a.m. at Fort Scott, Storey & Ralston in the Presidio, S.F. Watching is free (joining for a season with the SFUL is $50); visit www.sful.org.
-- Charyn Pfeuffer

Endless Summer
Brand-new surfer flick

SAT 2/12

The sun-kissed sport of surfing has always fascinated us, from Jeff Spicoli's quest for "tasty waves" to Gidget's relentless pursuit of a band of Malibu surf bums. Who could deny the sheer pleasure of a wardrobe entirely composed of shorts and T-shirts? Celebrate the longboard lifestyle this evening at "Surf Movie Nite," the S.F. premiere screening of Chad Campbell's new film, Seasons. The documentary follows professional surfer Ross Williams for a year as he makes his way around the globe, with stops in wintry Iceland, summery Bali, and springtime Australia. All proceeds go to tsunami relief, so hang 10 at 7:15 and 9:15 p.m. at the Victoria Theatre, 2961 16th St. (at Mission), S.F. The suggested minimum donation is $7; call 242-9282 or visit www.aquasurfshop.com.
-- Jane Tunks

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