Hide and Seek

Find the future of queer cinema at the Gay Adult Film Festival

I'm sure I'm not the only woman who prefers the cuter guys, more realistic sex, and lack of horrifying breast implants in gay male porn. So expect some ladies in the audience at the Gay Adult Film Festival, four nights that celebrate the past, present, and future of queer dirty movies.

Each night is built around a theme; for example, the first evening focuses on what theater manager Timothy Plantikow calls the "DIY movement," with screenings of amateur porn clips. But the one to beat is clearly Thursday, when the special guest is gay porn pioneer Wakefield Poole, who with the release of his beautifully shot 1971 flick Boys in the Sand did for man-on-man erotica what Deep Throat did for straight porn. A screening of Poole's psychedelic classic The Bijou follows a dialogue between the filmmaker and host Dale Tegtman on Poole's history in the business. Pray they get into some personal detail, too, because Poole once brushed shoulders with Tallulah Bankhead, Richard Nixon, and Anita Bryant, and enjoyed an erotic dalliance with Rock Hudson.

Receive the sleaze at the Gay Adult Film 
Receive the sleaze at the Gay Adult Film Festival.

Saturday's program is also promising, with the premiere screening of the new movie In Pretty Deep, a live onstage sex show from two of the film's actors, and numerous "models" on hand to pretty up the background. But since each evening features strip shows and lap dances along with the interviews, screenings, and awards presentations found at any old vanilla film fest, each of the four lineups offers appeal aplenty. And hey, should the onstage action start to pall, viewers can always wander off into the arcade (which Plantikow proudly boasts contains "22 private cruise-able booths with voyeuristic windows and glory holes") or the shower pavilion (where performers follow up their stage turns with a wash-up visible from private booths grouped around the bathing facilities). Not a lot of other film series can say that.

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