Draw You In

Four Bay Area artists seek connection

Around the corner (sequestered in an unfortunate spot near the bathrooms), Díaz also displays a series of exquisite graphite drawings. These works on paper, like the tape sculpture, celebrate utilitarian office supplies: Stacks of manila envelopes are lovingly rendered in profile, while the ragged edges of a pile of newspapers are drawn in dramatic chiaroscuro. They are portraits of things we see every day but never really look at, and with them Díaz makes the universal feel specific.

Rosana Castrillo Díaz, Untitled.
Rosana Castrillo Díaz, Untitled.


Through May 15

Admission is $6-10, half-price on Thursdays from 6 to 9 p.m.


www.sfm oma.org

SFMOMA, 151 Third St. (at Mission), S.F.

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It's no surprise that each of the four SECA artists employs drawing (in some fashion) as a means of expression -- it's the most intimate and immediate of media, and the right vehicle for the pursuit of emotional honesty. Each of them, like all of us, struggles with how much of himself to reveal in the hope of finding connection. But most important, all four challenge themselves to say something important and true, and while they're visibly frustrated by the near impossibility of the endeavor, they manage it.

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