Some Cities

When the Doves released their debut in 2000, Lost Souls, it was clear that there was something different about the Manchester quartet's sound, an inexplicable quality that mixed psychedelic rock and dance motifs with enticing vocal melodies. The record didn't exhibit the usual divide between computer programming and real guitars that was already in vogue by the turn of the century; it fit together snugly, as if there were no genres in music at all, just songs. Like the group's debut, Some Cities, its third and latest full-length, provides more of the same cross-genre pop. Here, the Doves appropriate from bands like the Velvet Underground (most notably on the title track, in which guitars sound like blatant samples from "Heroine") but sound like a group paying respect to its influences, rather than trying to become them. Some Cities as a whole is a joyous and lush record, a reminder that there are still acts out there that can be both catchy and captivating.

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