Kasabian has its sights set on becoming the coolest -- and most stereotypical -- Britrock band around

Of course, in a move reminiscent of that whole Interpol/Joy Division hubbub, Pizzorno disavows any connection to those groups most often cited as obvious influences.

"I gotta say I'm sick and tired of talking about the Mondays and the Stone Roses, 'cause I don't hear it, personally," he insists. "I never even cared for those bands. They're good people and they're nice and they were fine and all of that, but it's not my thing and it has nothing to do with this band."

Ermmm ... OK.

Hair Club for Men: Just after taking this picture, 
Kasabian totally trashed the hotel room.
Hair Club for Men: Just after taking this picture, Kasabian totally trashed the hotel room.

"It makes it harder and harder to do interviews, I gotta tell you," he continues, the frustration in his voice becoming alarmingly palpable. "It just makes me mad when journalists use other band names to describe us. You can't win, really. You just gotta get to a point where you sell enough albums that you can just do one interview and that's it."

Though I'm certain he's about to hang up the phone, Pizzorno actually softens a bit. "I guess if no one was ringing us up then we'd be just as frustrated, you know? Because then we'd be like, why is no one caring? When we were kids we said we were gonna take over the world, not that we knew what that meant. So I suppose that once you talk the talk you gotta walk in the trousers, and you deal with whatever comes your way."

And when he starts thinking about the fact that Kasabian has a very real opportunity to make it big with American fans who might be tiring of the recent trend of Brit-band wimpiness, the guitarist teeters dangerously close to sentimentality himself.

"We can't fookin' believe it. We're just some kids from Leicester, and the fact that someone in fookin' San Francisco can come see us play and buy our album now is fookin' incredible. The best moment I've had in my life up to now was seeing it in the package with the cover and all of that, and knowing it was gonna be on shelves around the world; that was what I dreamed of for so long."

Then, of course, Pizzorno remembers who he is.

"It's gonna live for a long time, this album. In 30 years, my kids are gonna come up to me going, 'Have you heard of this band?' And I'll be like, 'Ahh yeah, they were really fookin' cool, one of the best bands in the world. And they weren't fookin' bedwetters.'"

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