American Irish

When characters speak to the audience, it's only endearing for a while


Through March 26

Tickets are $20


www.restlessmindsproductions.or g

The Exit on Taylor, 277 Taylor (between Eddy and Ellis), S.F.

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Ken Slattery's new comedy follows what happens when John, an Irishman living in San Francisco for five years, pops home to Dublin for a few days to attend his friend Derek's wedding and tell his family and friends some long-overdue news. From John's misplaced nostalgia for various aspects of Dublin life to the incestuous nature of the relationships around him, Restless Minds' production is full of funny and touching moments. The play, however, feels as interminable as an Irish pub crawl. Over three hours, only two things really happen: 1) John worries about how his mother will take his news, and 2) John's mother worries about John's news. The sluggishness stems mostly from the fact that the characters seem unable to speak to each other without first telling the audience how they feel. The "breaking of the fourth wall" shtick is endearing for a bit, but it quickly makes you desperate for a pint.

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