Yo Miles!


This third double-disc homage to Miles Davis' electric fusion period sounds a lot like its inexplicably acclaimed predecessors. But how could it be otherwise? After all, Yo Miles! is a fine but pretty limited concept. I picture veteran avant-gardists Henry Kaiser and Wadada Leo Smith dreaming up the notion backstage while breathing deep of Humboldt's finest ... "Man, 30 years bringing our beautiful music to the world, and we still got nothing to show for it." "Yeah, but who makes a dime from creative improv?" "Miles did." "I'm all about those crazy funky grooves on Bitches Brew, On the Corner, Agharta...." "Jazz trips of the '70s." "More live than the Dead." "We could take that shit out." "Yo, I know the cats who would be down for the project: Zakir Hussain, Greg Osby, John Tchicai ...." "And kids today dig the jam band thing." "Critics would drool on their pocket protectors." "But we'd need a catchy name." "Yo, Miles: What should it be?" "Yo Miles!" "Pass me that pipe ...."

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