Letters to the Editor

Week of Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Tribal Warfare

Quick, for 100 bonus points: Where's Hesperia?:Ron Russell's recent article "Father of a Nation" [March 2] was very thorough and pertinent to nailing the weakness of [former Bureau of Indian Affairs Director Kevin] Gover's recognition [of the Koi] and the flimsy background of the tribe.

Astonishingly, Gover, developer Gary Fears, and public relations consultant Rodney Wilson were also involved in Hesperia, Calif., seeking to secure a casino for the Timbisha Shoshone Tribe of Death Valley ... some 100 hundred miles away, in the ancestral lands of the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians!

We're all appreciative of the efforts that journalists like yourself do to expose the manipulative practices of some in the BIA and unscrupulous developers.

Bill Muller

Yet more from Hesperia. Wherever it is:I enjoyed your article regarding the Koi casino point men Kevin Gover and Rod Wilson. My community of Hesperia has had similar dealings with these two individuals. Rod Wilson convinced our City Council -- by way of a PowerPoint presentation -- that the Hesperia area was part of the ancestral homeland of the Timbisha Shoshone Tribe, although no historical documentation exists to support his claim. Rod Wilson and Kevin Gover made similar, separate endorsements on local radio.

Rod Wilson was questioned by a caller regarding the absence of tangible documents supporting the tribe's ancestral land claim ... Mr. Wilson said that the city should have these documents available for public inspection; he would verify this with the city and forward the documents if necessary. After almost two years he hasn't kept this promise.

Tom Grady

But does it beat an enchanting weekend in Hesperia?:This was brought to you by the Clinton administration, so you have no one to blame but the Democrats. And the state of California can only moan about it. There's nothing they can do to undo it. So relax and enjoy your new casino. Beats going to Reno.

Pat Cunningham

In Praise of Leon

Oh, Harmon dearie ...:Oh Mr./Mrs. Editor, I would be most appreciative if you could be a love and thank Harmon Leon for the wonderful "My Dinner at Applebee's With White Supremacists!" [Infiltrator, Feb. 23]. It was truly entertaining/disturbing. I think that it was very brave of Harmon to explore such a strange and fascinating world that apparently coexists right in plain sight. (Those darned Applebee's are sprouting up everywhere these days.)

I know that I shouldn't be so judgmental, but those people were some really hateful assholes. I was comforted by the realization that their own stupidity will always hold them back. Recruiting by way of leafleting cars at gun shows or Ozzfest seems pretty silly, when you consider the damage they could do by hitting the parking lot at any GOP gathering.

Christopher Roland
San Jose

Exactly as funny as nine exclamation points:The cover of SF Weekly grabbed my attention, but the article was very intriguing, enlightening, and all around EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!

While reading the article, I became very curious as to what group you were speaking to. When you spoke about a book that Timothy McVeigh read, I thought it was The Turner Diaries. But the author of that book is deceased, I believe. I did more research and was able to find the group and the Kevin you were having cough, cough dinner with. It's the National Alliance. I've been looking around on their Web site at the many ignorant items and thoughts they have.

I enjoyed [the section] "Do Hate Groups Hate Other Hate Groups?" I learned a long time ago that they do. I remember seeing a news story about two neo-Nazi groups that were going to protest at a courthouse, but one group didn't like the other group, and the police were more concerned about the fighting that may break out between these two groups than [between] the groups and anti-racists.

Now, how funny is that?

Nikki Carlyle
El Sobrante

Big Bidness

Just to be nice, we'll keep our cover price at $25:Just to let you know the paper with the Journey article in it ["Still They Ride," Feb. 9] has become a collector's item!


Judith Kemp
San Jose

Editor's note:Yes, it does appear that someone bid $28.55 on eBay for a copy of that issue. A very discerning someone.

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