Appreciations we'd like to have seen expressed before March 30, 2005

The San Francisco Chroniclewould like to thank SF Weeklystaff writer Nate Cavalieri for the guidance his story on labyrinths, "A Winding Path" (Dec. 1, 2004), provided in the preparation of the Chronicle's March 23, 2005, story on labyrinths, "Amazing Grace." Dr. Alex Champion, a scientist-cum-labyrinth designer, worked wonderfully as a lead character in both the weekly and daily versions of the story.

San Franciscomagazine would like to thank former SF Weeklystaff writer Bernice Yeung for the assistance her investigative package on wrongful conviction ("Innocence Arrested," Oct. 29, 2003) provided to the San Franciscoinvestigative article "Innocence Lost" (November 2004). It's wonderful to know that, in 2004, "Innocence Arrested" was named a finalist for the Medill School of Journalism's John Bartlow Martin Award for Public Interest Magazine Journalism, and, the very next year, "Innocence Lost" was named a finalist for the American Society of Magazine Editors' National Magazine Award for Public Interest.

Chroniclecolumnists Phil Matier and Andy Ross would like to thank SF Weeklywriter Matt Palmquist for the help his lengthy feature story "San Mateo Confidential" (July 2, 2003) gave to the Jan. 16, 2005, Matier & Ross column headlined "Ironic twist in award to advocate for gays/Her lesbian mom had sued county over police report." It's wonderful to see the seamy details of a lesbian love triangle work in both long- and short-form journalism.

The San Francisco Bay Guardianwould like to thank Ilgoid Disputin, chief of planetary intelligence for Inglingling, a Class 2 planetoid in the Vasectarian System of the Prolixian Galaxy, Quadrant 4, for assistance he rendered, via subspace telepathy, during the preparation of the March 23, 2005, article "Conspiracy Central/San Francisco is ground zero for 9/11 conspiracy theorists. Too bad they act like nuts -- because not everything they're saying is crazy." J.M.

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