Number Crunch

Is the school board solving its budget crisis or proving it's math-challenged? Take quiz, find out.

A) Save the jobs of the 70 classroom aides who have been laid off, and rescind the notices to the 300 teachers who could lose their jobs.

B) Waste months arguing heatedly about whether it should be best squandered on a massive, ultimately meaningless, half-day protest by students and teachers of Schwarzenegger's plan ... or on new carpeting for the district office.

C) Um, remember that raise for board members we were talking about earlier?

7) Other local school districts -- notably Oakland, San Jose, Contra Costa County, and Sacramento -- have been proactive about closing schools in the face of declining enrollment. Do you think San Francisco should follow their lead and continue an aggressive approach of eliminating underpopulated schools?

A) Why? That would just make practical and financial sense.

B) I think board member Sarah Lipson said it best: "It's not [students'] fault, and it shouldn't be their burden, but we're putting it on them."

C) What do I care? My kids are in private school anyway.

How to score:

Score zero points for every "A" answer, one point for every "B," and two points for every "C."

0-6 points: Look on the bright side -- the 30 percent of the city's children in private schools are at least getting an education.

7-10 points: Sorry, I just can't rock the boat on this one. Because if little Johnny doesn't get assigned to the school my wife wants, I'm a dead man.

11-14 points: Let's be fair. Math was never San Francisco Unified's best subject.

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