Best Pet Store

Bow Wow Meow

2150 Polk (at Broadway), 440-2845

As Donald Trump would say, the pet industry is a billion-dollar business. But most stores leave something to be desired: You either get an impersonal corporate box, an exclusive salon, or a crumbling hodgepodge run by a crazy cat lady. Bow Wow Meow is different -- or rather, it's a little bit of everything. Focusing on the family dog and cat, this pet store has a wide selection of the basics (litter, food, toys, bowls, and beds) as well as an abundance of niche products that make such places so much fun, such as BARF (that's Biologically Appropriate Raw Food), dog pastries, books, greeting cards, and embarrassing sweaters. The store is spacious and spotless, with dog grooming in the back room and a few local pooches hanging around out front, waiting for you to buy one of the bulk treats in the barrels. Bow Wow Meow also throws in-store events, such as visits from animal psychologists and authors.

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