Autechre's jagged beats, Trillville's funky crunk, and "Jigga"'s hip hop for homos

The British have a saying that reflects the depressed, industrial areas of their country: "It's grim up North." If you buy into the idea that a region has an indelible impact on the music its people make, then it's not hard to understand why Northerners Autechre (Sean Booth and Rob Brown) and SND (Mat Steel and Mark Fell) make electronic music that challenges and even violates the ears in all kinds of great ways, from how loud it's performed to the squelching, metallic notes themselves; this is not your grandmother's dance floor techno. Also on the bill is DJ Rob Hall, aka Gescom from Skam Records, and his bag of beats, making for a clanging stew sure to delight those who don't mind a bit of noise. Earplugs are essential when these three perform on Friday, May 20, at Mezzanine; call 625-8880 or visit for more info. Autechre also performs on Saturday at Rx Gallery; call 474-7973 or visit for details.-- Tamara Palmer

"Club Macho" -- a cracked-out night where, on its final installment, I walked smack into a citrusy pool of vomit dripping from the bar, resulting in a stain and stench that even Oxiclean has yet to conquer from my sweater -- developed a cultlike following during its brief life span. When Club Rendezvous shut its doors for good last year, so did the adored night. But now its co-creator DJ Zac Posse has returned with a "hip hop night for homos" he calls "Jigga." (And Zac, you racist, shouldn't that read "The J Word"?) Each Wednesday he and guest DJs spin radio-rap, "crunk & B," dirty south beats, old-school hits, and other urban sounds for a predominantly homosexual (and presumably white) hipster crowd. And although the combination of the aggressive heterosexuality in hip hop with homosexual ears seems like an oil-and-water mixture, it's actually quite fitting seeing as how gays really like getting their hands on things they just can't have, like marriage rights and straight men. $3 gets you in this, and every, Friday at Underground SF; call 864-7386 or visit for more info. -- Brock Keeling

One of Lil' Jon's secret weapons, Trillville , is becoming less of a secret by the day, thanks in part to a tour with Fabolous, one of New York's biggest hip-pop rappers. The Atlanta trio of Lil' LA, Dirty Mouth, and Don P was weaned on marching bands and rowdy clubbing. They had already built their own strong reputation among the city's youth with their high-energy anthems before Jon, the High Priest of Crunk, snapped them up for his own label BME Recordings. Ironically, it was "Some Cut," one of the sillier, more laid-back songs on the group's debut EP (rather than snarling cuts like "Neva Eva") that has broken Trillville. The tune kicks game to the ladies and rocks to the rhythm of a squeaky mattress. Now, as Trillville prepares to drop its new album, Reloaded, the band is in the unlikely position of being heartthrobs as well as crunk ambassadors. Don't be surprised if this opening act overshadows the headliner when the Fabolous and Trillville show comes to town on Saturday, May 21, at Berkeley Community Theatre; call (510) 845-2308 or visit for more info.-- Tamara Palmer

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