Stop the Future

The Epoxies sound like the high school band formed by a gaggle of rough-and-tumble misfits with hearts of gold in a John Hughes movie. Stop the Future, the Portland-based act's second album, is the stuff musical montages dream of: heart-pumping guitar; peppy, encouraging drum fills; and plenty of blissed-out keyboard ruminations perfect for those crucial, triumphant, slo-mo leaps into the air. Singer Roxy Epoxy belts out vintage-y tracks that range from infectiously anachronistic ("Everything Looks Beautiful on Video") to campily kitschy ("Robot Man") to pretty freaking stupid (on "Toys" the Epoxies remind us that "even toys can hurt each other"). But Roxy pulls it all off with a throaty sauciness that is haughty but accessible, new wave and punk. The Epoxies seem like a bunch of nice, misunderstood kids just waiting for their Gleaming the Cube moment to shine. In the world of neo-post-punk hipsterdom, they are a cool band for the uncool, unwashed masses. Plus they apparently perform in duct tape pants.

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