Irrevocably Overdriven Break Freakout Megamix

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According to the Entschuldigen Web site, one-man band Hrvatski's new release is a "40-minute 39-second 2-color audio compact disc with black trigger activated disc release mechanism. Each copy [comes] with 1/20 varieties of hand-cut metallic ink cardstock insert [and] laminated 2-color metallic ink sticker." Ha! Give me a fucking break with this prepackaged-art-gallery-artifact routine. Quality packaging is cool and all, but this reads like a preconceived eBay item description. Now, there is nothing more obnoxious, in my humble opinion, than a musician promoting his very own releases like they are ultra-rare and collectible Beanie Babies. (BTW -- Entschuldigen is Hrvatski's label!) Then again, Hrvatski seems like a rather clever dude, and this could be his way of commenting on what it is that's causing me to pull the hair from my head. But, releasing a 41-minute mix of old, worn-out, hyperbreakbeat, glitch-riddled, x-treme techno-whatever in 2004 is not the way to go about it. This music is so, so very late-'90s. File it next to those megastale Kid606 discs everybody dug for, like, a week.

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