Diversity Scramble, Left. On Two. Break.

A 49ers diversity training video included crude racial jokes, steamy strippers, and not-so-hot lesbians. So what's the problem? Take quiz, find out.

A) That it came from an organization with a proud track record in relating to the community's gay population (and I'm thinking specifically, here, of the stories of abuse inflicted by players on the team's now-retired gay trainer, and of former running back Garrison Hearst saying he wouldn't play with any "faggots" on his team). I mean, who'da thunk it?

B) The scene with linebacker Julian Peterson posing as a homeless person, with a sign that says "Will tackle for food or money." Last year he didn't tackle for shit.

C) Honestly, the lesbians could be much hotter.

7) Embattled owner John York first viewed portions of the training video five months ago, when outgoing General Manager Terry Donahue -- who has vehemently denied leaking the tape -- showed him snippets. According to the 49ers, York launched an internal investigation that didn't get very far -- until anonymous copies of the video began circulating to the media last week, when he said in a statement: "We regret that anyone from our organization would produce such senseless, inexcusable behavior." What do you think York's response indicates about his leadership style?

A) That it's senseless and inexcusable.

B) All I know is, it's hard to imagine this kind of thing happening on Eddie DeBartolo's watch. Well, OK, except for the strippers.

C) I'm genuinely confident that York is serious about putting policies in place to ensure nothing like this ever happens again. Then again, I also see nothing weird about the fact that Jeff Garcia was dating a Playmate.

How to score:

Score zero points for every "A" answer, one point for every "B," and two points for every "C."

0-6 points: Hey, boys will be boys. And grown millionaires will be blithering idiots.

7-10 points: Yes, the training tape is offensive. But as bad as last season's video yearbook? No way.

11-14 points: Congratulations, you're a true 49ers apologist. I have a feeling you won't have nearly as tough a time getting those season tickets this year ....

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